Important aspects of language learning

What is the most important aspect of LL? And why?

Learning a language is a difficult and sometimes frustraiting process that requieres to be in contact with the language as much time as possible.  There are a lot of different ways to be in contact with the language that we are learning , as reading the newspaper daily, watching movies, talking to native speakers, etc.

But even if we spend many hours in contact with the language there is a very important aspect in the language learning, which is the self-reflection. We have to reflect about all the new vocabulary, new grammar or expressions we have learnt. As an Erasmus student, I’m trying to make the most of my language learning and I found this reflection activity very helpful but also difficult. Therefore, I bought a little notebook so as to note all the new vocabulary that I’m learning learn every day and I also write down where and when did I heard it, so as to remember it and contextualize it better.


Which writing style to adopt for blogging AND/OR tweeting? Formal?

From my point of view , the proper writing stile for blogging is the formal one, since we will have different readers , as students, teachers , friends. Therefore, I think that the best style to please the readers would be the formal one , but we have to keep in mind that we want to atract  the attention of the people so we shouldn’t be extremly formal.


Your favourite blogs AND/OR tweets which were not specifically designed for language learning: assess their target language from the content + your own interest.

I usually use travel blogs, blogs about literature or movie recommendations. The language they use is usually informal, because they try to catch the attention of as much readers as possible.


What benefits, if any, to continue to blog AND/Or tweet on Co-Op or Erasmus or both?

I would recommend to continue blogging during the Co-Op or Erasmus, since it is a really good opportunity to self-reflection while you are experiencing the language as something real, which from my point of view is the most important aspect of the language learning. Moreover, you are able to motivate other learners and give them tips for the language learning while you are abroad. It is also going to be as your Erasmus diary , so you can keep it and look back by reading it once you are back home.


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