Lab tasks week 2

Task 1:

Evaluate at least one Hypermedia/Multi-media CALL package in an attempt to define what exactly a Multi-media language learning environment is.

A Multimedia language learning environment is an aid to learn or teach  a language in an interactive way. It offers different tools to learn the language and to atract students attention. It makes it possible to improve every skill of the learner: listening, grammar, pronuntiation (by recording our own voice) , talking to native speakers through chats , e-mails… etc.

It is also important to examinate the level of the learners and to offer different levels so as the learner to be in the appropiate level. After each level it should be an exam so as to prove that the students has understood and integrate the topics seen in that specific level.


Task 2:

You are a developer/future user of a Multimedia CALL package. Create your Multimedia CALL package wish list.

– Clear instructions of how to use this Multimedia CALL package.

– Different levels and an assesment exam, so as to see which our level is.

– Vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation  in each level. This topics must be examinated with different activities, to improve writing skills , interaction with native speakers through chats, comprehension of different texts , both written and spoken.

–  A section with news about the language, changes in  grammar, vocabulary or ortography.

– News about the country-countries where the language is spoken to approach the learners to the culture.


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