Digital native or Digital immigrant

This terms may sound uncommon for most of us, but we are all closely related to them, since are terms that define us. A digital immigrant is an individual who was born before the boom and widespread adoption of technology. On the other hand , digital natives are those who have been using technology since their childhood.


I consider myself to be a digital native, since I use technology every single day and it is almost necessary for my day-to-day life. However, I’m sometimes surprised by my own incompetence to understand the use of a software or the instructions of certain digital technologies. Moreover, I still prefer to print my notes and to read paper books better than reading from an ebook or a computer. That’s why I sometimes wander if I’m really a digital native or not; but when I compare myself with my completely digital immigrant parents, I notice that something is changing  in the way my generation adopts technology. We don’t just understand quickly what other teach us, we also explore new horizons to prove what can  and what can`t be done with a computer.


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