Blogging, Tweeting, web 2.0 … for SLA

Everyone has his own way to learn a language, so what is working for me may not work for you. Therefore, we have to continually reflect about the tools we are using and consider if they are working for us or not.

In my case, I’m trying a new tool which is a blog. I’ve been using the web 2.0 for a long time now, I’ve also tried different tools as social networks, online dictionaries and newspapers, etc. which have worked really well for me, but I’ve never try to blog myself before.  To be honest, I’m finding it difficult to keep my blog updated, since I don’t want to write random thing without sense, I want to offer my readers interesting information and advices. Too achieve this aim I have to be critic with what I’m writting, moreover there is another difficulty for me, since english is a second language for me.

But blogging is getting easier every week, I’m getting used to it and I can feel how my english is improving day a day. So I would say that blogging is definetely working for me!

What I find very helpfull is to read my fellow students blogs, I’m learning a lot of new vocabulary and expression while reading about their tips and tricks to learn languages. I’m also trying to compare the different stiles they use and try to consider which one is the most appropriate for a blog, because I’m still not sure is the register I’m using is the best one in these context, I would hesitate in my own language, so imagine in a foreign language!

On the other hand , I think that it could be interesting for other students to read my  posts, since I’m trying to share tips to learn a language as an Erasmus students, so as to make the most of this incredible experience. Being in a country where   the language you are studying is the official one is  obviously incredibly helpful, since we are learning in an unaware way, but if we also do some easy  activities every day it would be even better and our improvement would be huge.


So, I really think that blogging is helping me with my english improvement and is showing me a lot of different ways to learn languages that I didn’t know before. I’m enjoying it, because even if at first was something I must do, now is something that actually I want to do.




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