Personalisation is about knowing ourselves, is about knowing what kind of learners we are, which ones  our difficulties are, what do we like most and why do we like it.

Personalisation is a concept we could use in almost every area of our lifes and most of the times we do it without even noticing it. But now we are going to concentrate in the personalisation on the learning proccess. Sometimes we’ll personalise our learning environment without noticing it, but in some areas of the learning environment we will need more effort, we will have to reflect and invest some time on personalising our learning.

The best way to personalise our learning is creating a model of PLE ( Personal Language Environment). A PLE is a concept, it is a system that allows the learner to organise, manage and of course personalise their own language learning. Those PLEs consists of different tools as blogs, social networks, wikis. There are  loads of pages that explain how to create a PLE as this one : .

The PLE requires a high self-awareness and continuity, the student has to be independent. All in all the PLEs are thought for independent learners that want to improve their skills with little or no help of teachers or tutors.


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