Games for language learning

– Games with learning purpouses : Bussu.

Bussu is a very good language learning tool. It consits of different levels the user has to pass, that way he feels the pressure to improve. When you pass a level you get a strawberry, the more strawberrys you get the better. It’s a very interactive game, since you have to learn vocabulary with flashcards and then grammar by constructing sentences and different structures. Once you have learnt the basic theories of that level you’ll have to interact with other users. You’ll send them a short text using your new knowledges and they will correct it, in the same way you will also have to reflect about your own language because you’ll have to correct other peoples texts. If you want to make your learning even more interactive you can use the chat.

You have to keep your bussu updated , because otherwise your garden will run out of strawberrys and your language won’t improve !



– Games without learning purpouses :

Some games haven’t been disegned with the purpose of language learning, but we could rethink those games and use them with a new aim. If we enjoy those games we will learn easily and we won’t feel that we are doing something we have to do , but it will be actually something we want to do. The important point is that we have to realise that those games that originally are not thought to language learning could help us to learn for example vocabulary.  Some examples of those games are: Footbal games as FIFA online or another sports games online, since we an learn a lot of expecific vocabulary about that particular sport. But if you don’t like sports there are a lot of other options, as the Sims, Computer games of current Tv series as The walking Dead, etc. We just have to find what we like better and try to take advantage of it, noticing the new vocabulary it provides us.


Every game is an opportunity to learn !



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