Language Corner

Some moths ago, preparing a project for my university back home, in Granada, I came across this web page about language learning methods. I find it really useful for independent language learners. Steve Kaufmann who speaks 11 different languages gives us the keys to the successful language learning.

According to Steve there are 7 keys to the sucessful language learning: 1. To spend time in contact with the language; 2. To do what we like during learning a language; 3.To learn to notice ; 4. To focuss more in the vocabulary rather than in grammar; 5. To be patient; 6. To get the neccesary tools; 7. To become an independent language learner.

Even if we may not agree with all of them, I think that those are really good piece of advices. If you are interested and want to know more about the successful language learning here I add the link to Steve’s blog :


Hope you’ll enjoy it !



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