Hi language learners ,

I have been reflecting about the different ways in which we could practice our target languages in a fun and innovative way. I obviously  came across the ideas of watching movies, reading books, watching series in ur target language. Those are really good practice, but I was looking for something more interactive, activities that allow us to produce speech and communicate with native speakers.

Then I started reflecting about the things I like better and how are they related to the language learning. One of my favourites things in the world is to travel, but as a student there is not much money left to travel around. However, some years ago I was got to know a web page called Couchsurfing, where you can host people or be hosted by then without paying anything. I have already had some Couchsurfing experiences and they have been amazing, I have met some really nice people with who I still try to keep in touch.  Obviously the language we use to communicate with each other is english, one of my target languages, but we could also use French, German, Italian, I got the opportunity to meet people of all over the world thanks to this web page.

Up to now, I have seen Couchsurfing just as a page where I could find accommodation wherever I wanted to go and where I could meet a lot of interesting people. But I have never thought about it as a tool that could help me in my language learning. So, as I most of the times use english to communicate with other couchsurfers, I will from now on pay more attention to how I write, to the structures and vocabulary that people use in the messages they send me.

That’s the point of it, look at the tools you usually use from another angle, and make them into language learning tools!


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