Personalising the language learning

1) How to personalise your language learning

In order to be an efficient learner it is necessary to personalise our learning. After years of studying different subjects and languages we already know which ones our weak points and strong points are , taking that into account we will personalise our own learning. In my case , to personalise my language learning I would use a lot of different materials , but I would  try to compare and connect the information as much as possible. I consider myself a verbal learner, however I often need an outline to connect different topics, that is really helpful when studying grammar, history or culture for example.

Nevertheless, for the vocabulary I use a completely different method, which is to use flashcards, that makes the learning more practical. I writte the word in the foreign language in the front and the translation in the back part; that way I have to try to remember the word and that makes the learning easier. Other trick to learn vocabulary is to write down when and where did you heard it so as to connect it to a situation and a person and that way it would be easier to remember it.

My personal language learning would require a lot of practice to, even if I find it hard sometimes I try hard. Continuing with the example of the vocabulary I try to use as much as possible the new vocabulary I have learnt so as to integrate it.

2) How personal should our language learning be ?

It is helpful to personalise our language learning, focussing it in our skills so as to be efficient leraners, but we shouldn’t forget about our weak points, otherwise we will miss a lot of it. It is important to focuss on what we like while learning a language but we also need to oblige ourselves to try new methods. In my opinion, it is also important to compare our language learning methods with others and see if we are missing something, if we can improve our personal way…etc.

3) Advantages and disadvantages of personalising our language learning

If we want to personalise our learning we have to think through it a lot first, because we have to take into account a lot of different facts, so as the learning to be efficient and complete. Because we could personalise our learning just focussing on what we like but that wouldn’t be enough, that would be a disadvantage. On the other hand, personalising a language could be an advantage, since we would have to reflect about the way we learn and we could improve a lot by reflecting about it.

Personalising our language learning may take more time that we would like to, but I find it helpful. Sometimes our aim is to finish our works as soon as possible, so it without realising how we do it and what are we suppose to learn out of it, but actually the time we will spend on this activity may be a lose of time, since we won’t make the most of it.



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