Attention Spanish language learners!

I would like to share with you this web page ( http://elblogdeidiomas.es/203-expresiones-ingles-coloquiales/ ) with 203 everyday english expressions and thei translation into spanish.

If you are going to do your co-op or your Erasmus semester in Spain , it will be really worth it to have a look at them. They are working very good for me. Sometimes we tend to learn complicated expressions, idioms and vocabuary and we foget about the everyday language, since we believe that we will pick it up once we are in the country where our target language is spoken. And it may be like that, but trust me a little bit of help won’t  do any harm !

We have to be careful and persistent with our language learning once we are in the country, since it would probably happen to you to, as it is happening to me, that once you realised that you are fluent in the language and that you can express yourself without any problem, you will become lazier, you won’t learn that much vocabulary because you can already say everything you need to say.

But that is not our aim! Our aim is to be as accurate as possible when speaking in our target language, and having as much vocabulary as possible in different genres. Therefore even if we are able to communicate perfectly with the other we have to keep on working hard and picking up as much vocabulary as we can while talking to native, but also working at home as idependent language learners!


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